It’s been awhile and I’ve kept this quiet in order to save embarrassment in the event of a complete failure, but alas, this wasn’t the case and the Pancetta has landed!

I cured this lovely belly for 7 days with a relatively conventional Pancetta cure and a few added extras (my secret). After the 7 day wait, it was rolled and tied in order to spend the next 6 weeks in my laundry room outfitted with a humidifier and thermostat so I could constantly monitor its progress. After pinching it everyday, I finally decided on January 14th to get up the nerve and slice it open, and to my surprise it hadn’t gone bad. Not only did it not spoil, but it’s delicious…. I wish I’d made more than just one!

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  • matt wright Says:

    WOW – looks amazing! A good tight roll on it too – apparently that really helps reduce the risk of spoilage.

  • matt wright Says:

    LOVE it. Great photos too. Pancetta was going to be my next cure – I got a little worried thought when quite a few people ended up getting mold on the inside of the wrap – apparently they didn’t do it tight enough.

    Did you use nitrates for this?

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