late to the party….

It’s been a slow season for our first garden.  We’ve had to play a strong and clever game of catch up. After months of growing seedlings and realizing our green thumbs still lacked quite a bit of chlorophyll, we took our little children and planted them in the ground.  Along with some purchases (i.e. tomatoes, eggplant, squash, and more than we’d like to admit) and just good ole’ fashioned sticking seeds in the ground farming.

We are finally achieving some results and are very excited to see these budding flora come into their own.

This lettuce sprouted easily out of the ground and made us feel as though we knew what we were doing.

One of my most anticipated are beets.  Over the years I have gained a fond affinity for these tubers and can’t wait to be harvesting our Detroit Reds, Chiogga’s, and Yellow Mangel beets.

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