How to Acclimatize 101

What happens when you leave the city for greener pastures (no pun intended), and settle in a little pocket of the world known as the Berkshires. We’ll, as far as I’m concerned you acclimatize. Since moving up I’ve been volunteering with farmers in order to learn the ropes as far as basic food production goes. In the case of my experience I’ve been milking cows mostly and occasionally help “process” livestock.

Process is a polite way of saying slaughter and personally, both terms work for me. I’m an unabashed meat eater and I strongly believe in the food chain relationship we have with meat. As a species we are omnivorous and it’s a privilege that is shared with not many other creatures. On the other hand, we have grown incredibly distant from the actual act of being in touch with the things we eat. I decided not to long ago that if I was to continue enjoying the rights of an omnivore, I needed to begin to earn my keep and subsequently learn about things most of us would prefer to forget. On that note, please click on the following photographs to view what I’ve been up to:




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